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Friendship, Trust and … Love,.

These were the ingredients that made the Leo Europa Forum 2019 possible. All the meetings, the sleepless hours, the endless cafes, and the endless ideas, all embodied an adventure that was for us … it would never end. But no story is truly complete without an ingredient … gratitude. And for that, Orgateam, thanks. Thank you for giving what you could and couldn’t, thank you for your availability and all the torn smiles (even when they seemed impossible).

Thanks for showing the Leo world how a family works. Time will take this LEF, as it takes everything, but there is one thing that will stay: the sweet taste of longing, the word that can only be said in Portuguese.

Your LEF 2019 President and friend,
Bruno Silva Soares

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Get to know who was behind the clock

Bruno Soares


Luís Sá

Program & Parties

José Eduardo

Program & Parties

João Ritto

Program & Protocol

Frederico Silva

Program & Parties

Miguel Morim

Vice-President & Treasurer

André Wilson

Program & Parties

Joana Mota

Program & Parties

Simão Dias

Program & Parties

Catarina Sousa Lopes


Inês Santos

Program & LEF Theme

Marta Macauly

Program & Protocol

Mónica Lameira

Program & Parties

Mafalda Infante


Bárbara Freitas

Program & Merchandising

Bruna Costa

Program & Parties

José Diogo

Program & Parties