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Leo Europa Forum 2019

3 to 10 AUGUST 2019

– What if time stopped?-


There are things in life that we stubbornly refuse to understand.

It is as if every day we run away from what makes us really feel good and our watches pace ruthlessly at the speed of our problems and dramas.

Something is always wrong, is it not?
The truth is that we seem to grow up and suddenly forget who we are, forget what really matters. We have exchanged hugs for arguments and smiles for silence.

This year we want to challenge all LEFers to stop time.

To turn off everything that complicates our life and takes us away from who we are and what really makes us happy. The journey that we have prepared, will make us all navigate our consciousnesses and the way we spend time, basically, by the way we enjoy our existence.
Understanding how much our time is worth is a big challenge that we want to start next summer.
For now, we gave you some different #oportonities for you use with your friends, family and fellow Leos! Use it and share with us!


Bring your clocks, your dramas and your problems: during LEF, they will all be far from your hearts … and time will be infinite to remind you that to be happy, you have to make yourself happy. 

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