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What if time stopped?


During Leo Europa Forum 2019,  the Orgateam provided you a trip with three stops.

The one called “myself” that challenged you to realize if you know who you are and what makes you thruly happy. Simple thing, right?

After that, came the one called “Myself and the others”. How am I managing my relationships? Can I give my best version to other people?

And finally, “Me and the community”. What kind of difference do I make? Do I fight for a better world? Or is just other people’s responsability?

From self-awareness, to empathy and finally to social responsability, do we need time to stop to understand all of this? To realize what our purpose is?

The answer is NO. Do you know why? Because time will never stop.

And this brings you to a powerfull question: How much is your time worth? How much is it worth all the hours you will devote accepting what you really are? Knowing and finding yourself? How much is it worth all the hours that you don’t love the people around you? How much is it worth all the hours you didn’t dedicated to love your community?

This was the way we found to remind you that beeing a Leo is Love. Today and everyday. This is our true mission, and if we don’t constantly train this mindset, we are more likely to let the responsability to love for other people or for that day that never comes.

Let Portugal be a beautiful reminder of love in your lifes, and let us, Leos, be forever one of the best plans to change the world.

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